How to TTT

Transfusion, Transition and Transformation

It takes more than using these materials to effectively jump-start your Lions club.  An experienced presenter who can motivate those attending the session is essential.  If you or your club does not have anyone capable, be sure to contact your district’s GLT/GMT representative.  The TTT Development Team may also be able to assist you – you can contact us by leaving a comment on the TTT Resources Home Page.  You already provided us with a phone number and email when you registered for this site.  The only way we will use these points of contact is to inform you of changes and additions to the TTT Program or to contact you regarding a comment.

Preparation to ensure videos play well and are seen and heard by all without distraction is another key component.  Download them and save them on your computer for use during a presentation (or for you to review).  Remember they are large files and will take some time to download.  Once your download begins you can browse other pages or go to other internet sites (just don’t close your browser until the download is complete).

When you have used these materials we would appreciate hearing from you.  Leave a comment on this site.  The TTT Development Team is always looking for better ways to transfuse, transition and transform our Lions organization “to serve” a new generation!

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